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Clinical Trials in Russia (July 2017)

Data analysis for July 2017 showed a small decrease in the number of approved clinical trials compared with the last month and dramatic decrease compared with the same period in 2016. The number of approved clinical trials in July 2017 corresponds to the one in 2015. It has been the minimum indicator for the last five years.

When analyzing the distribution by trial phase, as usual prevail phase III studies (24 clinical trials, 44%) and bioequivalence studies (15 clinical trials, 27% from the total number of trials), following phase II studies (9 clinical trials, 16%), phase I studies (4 clinical trials, 7%), phase IV studies (3 clinical trials, 5%). The relation between the number of research volunteers and patients, as well as the relation between different types of clinical studies appeared to be close to the indicators of the most previous months of 2017.

In July 2017, the number of new clinical trials for medical devices exceeded the number of drug trials (84 and 55 studies, respectively). The number of new clinical trials for medical devices in July 2017 is the minimum indicator for July within 2014- 2017.